“The missing girl” to Venicelands ArtPrize 2019

A month ago, “The missing girl”, one of my best pics, has selected to Venicelands Art Priza 2019 organized by Anonimi Sognatori, art group of Treviso, Italy.

There will be 250 works and they will be exhibited from 4 to 12 May in three cities of the Province of Treviso:
– A Quinto, in Treviso,  to the Villa Memo Giordani Valieri, from 1687.
– In Ponzano Veneto, in the Casa dei Mezzadri, in Villa Rubbi Serena, from 1700
– A Roncade at the “Arsenale” Shopping Center, therefore in close contact with the public

The two pics that will be to Art Exhibition

  1. The missing girl


An extra :




Event link: Venicelands Artprize 2019



Urban Lookz.png


New photographic project is coming!

The subjects are some artists like writer,singer, painter and musicians.  They can be eccentric, moody and mysterious people who live for art.

Filter: B/W

The shots, made by Antonio Lob, will be posted on the link:

https://alobusto.wixsite.com/urbanlookzproject (work in progress)





#EXPERIMENTAL – “Death of love at midnight”

“In recent times , I thought intensely to all that has been  between us , but …”

A boy , after being left by her girlfriend, walks in a park in the middle of the night, in the deepest desperation.

Where it will bring all this suffering?

Watch it here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zZJZfzUMoTc


Morte d'amore a mezzanotte (4)